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Hello magic square fans, recreational math buffs, or other curious visitors, my name is Lee Sallows (see also For some time now, friends and others have been encouraging me to create a website devoted to my brainchild geometric magic squares, or geomagic squares, for short. Here then, following endless procrastination, is the result.

(For a more detailed treatment of this subject see my book Geometric Magic Squares published by Dover Publications Inc., ISBN-13: 978-0-486-48909-4).

The website is closely modelled on my privately printed book, A Gallery of Geomagic Squares. A click on Intro will take you to the Introduction in which basic notions are explained and a few salient features of the unfamilar landscape pointed out. From this will become clear that tracking down geomagic squares is not always so simple. In fact, the discovery of specimens having sought-after properties can present a formidable challenge to ingenuity.An exhibition of some fifty-odd of the more interesting geomagic squares brought to light in the course of my own explorations can be viewed by clicking on Gallery. A short commentary describing features of special interest accompanies each exhibit. Mathematicians may appreciate the formal definition of geometric magic squares that can be found in the Appendix.

If, after taking a look at the site, you would like to know more about the book, please drop me a line via Contact. Besides which I'll be glad to hear from anyone keen to exchange thoughts, great or small, on this topic. Finally, in the Postscript can be found anything that I forgot to mention elsewhere.

So, what exactly are geomagic squares? From the name, you could be excused for assuming that some novel type of magic square is implied. Which is quite true: geomagic squares are indeed neomagic squares, or "magic squares in technicolour" as one friend humourously dubbed them. But with that said, there is an important caveat to observe. For geomagic squares are not a certain kind of magic square. On the contrary, it is ordinary magic squares that turn out to be a certain kind of geomagic square.

How could that be? Click on Intro to discover how the island inhabited by traditional magic squares is now revealed as only the tip of an unsuspected iceberg.

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